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About Us

We are highly experienced technology angel investors based in London. We actively look for people that are using data in innovative and disruptive ways to create high growth businesses.

To give you an idea of what interests us, we would very much like to talk to you if you are either…

– Using data to change the way buyers and sellers transact.
– Enabling businesses to make better decisions through predictive analytics.
– Creating wearable biosensors that will generate new datasets that never existed before.

We are very product focused, hands-on with our investments and use our contacts to helps our companies we invest in to be as successful as possible.


Contact Us

Contact Us

If you are looking for angel round funding or interested in joining our syndicate please make first-contact below.

Hint for founders: Its not a must have but we really like it if you have advanced assurance in place for S/EIS.


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